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    Alpha v1.0 has been released on Steam! Bug reports can be made using our new in-game bug reporting system. Please consider joining our Discord if you need assistance.

    -The team at a2z(Interactive);


  1. Kacproc

    Alpha 1.0

    Alpha 1.0 wont have much content in it there will be such amazing features as SWIMMING 10/10 IGN would swim again The thing is if the first alpha will have nearly nothing to do in it people simply play the game for 1 hour get bored get a refund or play for a while not come back for updates...
  2. h4wkst3r

    Where is the download?

    Hey, I backed survive the nights on steam 2 years ago and since then i haven't been sent any emails as to where I could download the pre-alpha game or any build. Could someone help me out here? Thanks.