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  1. GriNAME

    Fence around the house and garden

    Hey there! I suggest adding the opportunity to restore old fences around the house or build new ones if the old fence was not there or was broken. I saw small protection in vidoe on kikstarter. There was only barbed wire there. I think it's not enaugh. It would be cool if we can build high-grade...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Game Shop With Easter Egg

    Just thought of something funny that many of us on this forum would possibly get a laugh from... I am picturing a Computer Game Shop, inside the shop there are posters advertising the release of a game called "Set Back The Nights" on the poster it has a release date scribbled out and under it...
  3. Toastmaster

    Craftable Survival/Hunting Shelters

    For hunters or those inclined to a less civilized lifestyle. These 4 craftable shelters should provide suitable hiding places for those in the wilderness. Lean-To Items Needed: 1 tarp or 4 cloth 3 stakes 2 poles or trees Tools Needed: Hammer Knife Example: Tree Tepee Items Needed: Tree 1...