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  1. Pydda

    Painting buildings.

    Couldn't find anything about this on the forums said except about painting vehicle and painting character face. I just recently came up with this idée in my head and i haven't seen anything about this on the forum(s) or in feature "list". Or im just really blind somehow. How about be available...
  2. iiBqntZ

    taxi building

    A taxi building would be great i want to tell you why (and also taxi vehicles) taxi buildings use a radio transmitter to alert drivers of pick ups meaning the building could be used as a secondary radio station taxis include a cb radio so players can easily socialize with other players while...
  3. Zambie

    Placement Outline

    There should be a green outline of the objects we are placing wherever we are placing them as a reference, such as boards on a window or sheet metal on a camper van; you could easily misplace them without any kind of guidelines or references to help- just an idea i had while i was rewatching the...
  4. CommunistScavenger


    A bakery would be in most towns on the map. It would most likely have alot of cooking supplies such as: Flour, Yeast, Oil, ETC It would be from 1-2 stories high and would have an office upstairs which could contain a pistol, and some money.