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  1. iiBqntZ

    certain factors affect reload speed

    this was an idea that came to me what if amount of zombies the zombies awareness of you speed of zombies running at you how close they are affected how fast you reload 1-4 unaware of you far: fast reload 1-4 slow aware of you close: medium reload 1-4 fast close aware of you: fast reload 4-8...
  2. Darkstar 影

    Health Status UI

    So I do a bit of graphic design and came up with a very simple example of what this could look like. I made it completely on my own, so it's not taken from another place or anything. Anyways I think it'd be cool to have a few more layers to medical treatment. Maybe you can choose to bandage your...
  3. Darkstar 影

    In-Game Family

    Say you and your friend create your characters at the same time, you can make your characters be Brothers! You both spawn in somewhat near each other, and gain bonuses/benefits when you're around each other. But then when your friend dies, you just lost your brother, you have an extreme impact...