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  1. Montauk

    Clothing Visual Durability Indicators

    This stems from my "Character Visual HP Indicators" suggestion. Basically the same concept but for clothing durability. As your clothing's durability drops it begins to look worn. Holes, tears, rips, etc. will begin to show. As the clothing durability drops more and more they look more and...
  2. I

    seperate clothing and armor slots

    as u would wear clothing for comfort and to keep your self warm and armor example of some kinda metal plate attached with ropes and tape to your wrists, legs and body for protection also looks cooler and gives more customation possibilities.sorry about my bad typing, english is not my native...
  3. Vongrimm

    Clothing efficiency/durability

    One thing i enjoyed from other survival games, although done poorly in most, was clothing durability and efficiency. I personally think that rain and cold weather should be a worry for players. Nothing says realism like walking along scavenging and getting caught in a rain storm, bolting for...