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  1. Worst Person

    Making sure the game is fun.

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential and the objective of the game is simple, "survive the nights". I am worried with one thing though.. I am worried that the nights will be impossible to survive for beginners and the reason i bring this subject up is because the game 7 Days to Die...
  2. tincide

    Support games you love

    This applies to all games, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents on STN, the game and the dev. team :) (don't worry I'll keep it short!) So I've been following this game for a few years as I'm sure a lot of you out there also have, I even bought this game twice by acci- to support the devs! :D This...
  3. 55MDAWG55

    Survival Group

    So this little thread here will be like a little community. We would all join one server and start a community work together and build our way to the top. so if you wanna join just add me on steam (55MDAWG55) and ill invite you to a group :)
  4. Toastmaster

    A Legitimate Trailer

    Hey guys, The dev team seems to be doing really well, and it looks like there's a lot of effort being put into polishing many aspects of the game at the moment. That's fantastic and I have the utmost confidence that the game is shaping up very well. An issue that I've found though is that...