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  1. S

    Camping and Outdoor survival: Placeable Tents, Sleeping mats, and water collection barrels

    I have not seen any mention for how outdoor survival would work, so i thought i would share my thoughts and ideas to possible sway materials that are developed. Mechanical aspects: Temperature, clothing, and weather system Seasonal weather changes- The inclusion of the four seasons to give a...
  2. Savage1der


    i believe it would be a good idea to add an item like antibiotic to the game....higher % chance of removing sickness (if not gtd), but harder to find. As rare as if not a little rarer than Pain Killers. Maybe even a recipe to make/cook antibiotics requiring specific ingredients to be cooked and...
  3. DZS

    Making Belgium candy sugar for beer brewing

    https://joshthebrewmaster.wordpress.com/2010/11/27/how-to-make-belgian-candi-sugar/ Get into a bit of brewing myself, dont do hops but wheat and grains. Really enjoy experimenting with ancient recipes.
  4. Grooze

    Food that attracts zombies.

    So if you hunt animals, the blood and meat of the animal attracts zombies if they are near. Could be possible to be used to lure zombies away. Or into a trap. Also can be used against other players. Hunt for meat and place the raw meat near a base or house of your feared enemy. When the night...