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  1. Handicap Jack

    Pigeon Dovecot (Food Source)

    I have put this in the building suggestion as think it probably falls under this category due to a dovecot being, well, a structure... What is a dovecot? back in the old days, in England at least, dovecots where medium to large structures that encouraged pigeons and doves to nest in large...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Passing on skills / teaching

    As we are not 100% sure on how the skills system will work this post may be a non starter but am willing to speculate and comment my thoughts for any one to join in with to beat this idea about... If theres a cap to the skills we can learn in that we can either be a jack of all trades master of...
  3. Guts

    In the meantime..

    While we wait for the backer release, there is a game being released tomorrow, Citadel Forged with Fire. Would anyone like to group up and play it, or any other game in the survival genre/co-op. I played the beta and it was very fun. Not entirely a food eating, water consumption simulator. I'm...