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  1. Sgt. Carlson


    Books are just those little things that everyone overlooks, but adds that overall immersion. Dayz has this in it, and I always carry the Art of War with me every were I go, or pull a Book of eli and carry a bible.
  2. S

    Camping and Outdoor survival: Placeable Tents, Sleeping mats, and water collection barrels

    I have not seen any mention for how outdoor survival would work, so i thought i would share my thoughts and ideas to possible sway materials that are developed. Mechanical aspects: Temperature, clothing, and weather system Seasonal weather changes- The inclusion of the four seasons to give a...
  3. Mannot74

    Real weapons only pickable / handmade weapons for the craft

    Sorry for my bad english and sorry if the idea has already been proposed.. 1) Real weapons only pickable 2) handmade weapons for the craft
  4. DZS

    Pumice on beaches

    It can be used as an additive to cement 'When used as an additive for cement, a fine-grained version of pumice called pozzolan is mixed with lime to form a light-weight, smooth, plaster-like concrete. This form of concrete was used as far back as Roman times. Roman engineers used it to build...
  5. DZS

    Primitive arrow heads

    Found in creek beds, amongst hills and scrubby areas. Can be re-tooled to made usable again for creating arrows along with melting down for the creation of ingots. I should add, some heads might be made of bone which would have other crafting potentials.
  6. Twitch.TV/OfficialSplatZ

    Crafting Times

    Just watched the DevBlog and saw that it was a one minute crafting time on the tripod to boil your water over the fire. Just wondering if that is a little much and am worried about crafting times for other items that would be used frequently.
  7. I

    seperate clothing and armor slots

    as u would wear clothing for comfort and to keep your self warm and armor example of some kinda metal plate attached with ropes and tape to your wrists, legs and body for protection also looks cooler and gives more customation possibilities.sorry about my bad typing, english is not my native...