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  1. acenewton1

    Recruiting Team For Testing and Playing

    Hi there! Hey there friends and foes! We are gathering around quite a few people to help test this game for the developers. Sadly, you may have to be a Mod to access the Dev Branch, but our group will test regardless of accessing the Dev Branch. We plan on mostly testing rather than playing, but...
  2. Qwertyip

    [SERVER] KnifeWrench *new* - Whitelisted PvE No-KOS Roleplay

    KnifeWrench Community Gaming is founding right now, and needs faithful gamers like yourselves to help grow. With Survive The Nights just on the verge of being released, I am looking to get a community of like-minded gamers together for some fun online sessions. About Me When I say it is a new...
  3. Quillagy

    Discord Gaming Community

    Fire Or Die, a community for all gamers, both far and wide. We want as many gamers as possible to come together into one place. Games have there own servers, such as the Survive the Nights server, the TF2 server and more. Join Now! https://discord.gg/6YqFAQR
  4. Hellboy

    Survive The Nights Unofficial Discord Server

    https://discord.gg/U2fVxTb Public discord for all fellow survivors! Join or else it's going to be Stabby Time!
  5. Æon Flux

    Do we have an official Discord? If not, then should we make one?

    It'd be great if we could all have an official Discord for us all to interact with each other, whether it be through live text-chat to individual rooms for team-chat and fun discussions. I'm aware we have some of that in the forums, but I think Discord could help us organize together easier and...