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  1. DZS

    A new science fiction short story

    I was randomly listening to synthwave tonight and the following video encouraged me to begin a new story The main character is nameless known only as hero, the story was based around the song and video. There is currently no name for the story just read and enjoy. Part 1 The human race is...
  2. DZS

    My other story - The Starseed Express

    Perhaps my most impressive work to date. Its also not complete like my Zombie story. As with my other story it likely contains unnoticed grammatical errors as its a work in progress i gradually pick these things up over time. Enjoy. Part 1 They say deep in space is quiet darkness. As far as...
  3. DZS

    Vans Zombie War - an ongoing work of fiction

    Introduction - this is the very first major story i ever started was inspired by a game called Zpocalypse: Survival. The game never got off the ground due to 3 failed KS campaigns, company who were making it is called green brier games their romp into video game land ultimately failed they...
  4. DZS

    Flavour of the month - a brief work of fiction

    My name was bob, yes thats it. I remember the office i used to work in smiling faces so cheerful so tastyyyy...... RaAAAaAA!! Bob shuffled with his group towards some live food, stretched his arms out OrR GrrR Ooooo MMRRr!! The food squealed and screamed as Bob and his friends surged forward...