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  1. GriNAME

    Fence around the house and garden

    Hey there! I suggest adding the opportunity to restore old fences around the house or build new ones if the old fence was not there or was broken. I saw small protection in vidoe on kikstarter. There was only barbed wire there. I think it's not enaugh. It would be cool if we can build high-grade...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Pigeon Dovecot (Food Source)

    I have put this in the building suggestion as think it probably falls under this category due to a dovecot being, well, a structure... What is a dovecot? back in the old days, in England at least, dovecots where medium to large structures that encouraged pigeons and doves to nest in large...
  3. DZS

    Seaweed as a food source

    It can be eaten in small quantity's but needs to be harvested and dried. The drying part i suspect would be the hard part. Would need somewhere in a players base. Dried seaweed would be a moderately valuable tradable item due to its nutrition value.
  4. Drake Salvador

    Suggestions and Hype

    This game looks beautiful, even in alpha! The game looks WELL worth the amount you're asking for. Although I am skeptical about the game being alive and well further from today, as in still being developed, but I have not seen a2z Interactive before (Or I may have, but don't quite remember), and...
  5. Grooze

    Food that attracts zombies.

    So if you hunt animals, the blood and meat of the animal attracts zombies if they are near. Could be possible to be used to lure zombies away. Or into a trap. Also can be used against other players. Hunt for meat and place the raw meat near a base or house of your feared enemy. When the night...
  6. We gotz purple stuff :T

    Food/Ice Cream Trucks

    This vehicle may not be combat worthy to drive however it does have a few components. A grill and oven to cook your food. Also being able to store items in cabinets. Think of it as a trading type of vehicle for a trade caravans. The door flaps can be fortified for cover whenever s**t goes down...