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game mechanic

  1. iiBqntZ

    certain factors affect reload speed

    this was an idea that came to me what if amount of zombies the zombies awareness of you speed of zombies running at you how close they are affected how fast you reload 1-4 unaware of you far: fast reload 1-4 slow aware of you close: medium reload 1-4 fast close aware of you: fast reload 4-8...
  2. iiBqntZ

    water current affects swimming and fishing

    low current - swimming with no problems fishing with no problems medium current - swimming now takes you off course of where you are heading fishing is harder high current - swimming is very difficult taking you incredibly off course of where you...
  3. iiBqntZ

    makeshift medical supplies

    so I've heard alot of the fan base here talking about how what they want is realism and this topic interest me so i thought id post about it sugar - a very old remedy(4000 years). used to stop infections after cleaning wound t-shirt - many things can be made with a t-shirt...
  4. iiBqntZ

    tin foil to attract fish

    fish are attracted to light and what reflects light and is common in households (besides a mirror) that's right tin foil. this is a working solution in real and is even suggested by a few survival sites from what i've seen there are 2 ways around the weights for on the hook. i think this would...
  5. iiBqntZ

    zombies distracted by animals

    what if zombies could become distracted by animals and try to eat them. because humans cant be the ONLY thing they eat. it would make a realistic feature and maybe even use them as a distraction maybe throw a rat. PLUS its happened on twd
  6. Kevroa

    Mods question

    I understand that there is a modding utility in the works... but how are these mods going to be installed? I would assume the best way would be through the steam workshop.. but I dont know, thats why im asking. Also how extensive is the modding utility going to be? How in depth and game changing...
  7. BlankTheSurvivor

    Some questions about the game ( before eventually pre-order )

    Hello everyone/ Ciao a tutti! i have some questions about the game before (eventually) pre-order it. Let's begin: I read the game is coop oriented right? Also, I'm a lone wolf palyer ( I like play and survive by myself) How STN Devs have balanced Solo and Coop playing. If I play solo, can I...
  8. .Zoran

    Adjustable Field of View

    Just Simple FOV Changing Option from like 60 - 120, Always Something Nice To Have
  9. TheLostPotater

    Items and how they work

    How would item handling work in the game? Would you be able to drop things from your inventory on the ground and put them on shelves or tables? Will the item manipulation be like Elder Scrolls/ Fallout style?