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  1. Savage1der

    Starting Calories...

    May i suggest that player spawns on day 1 w/ full calorie intake....in many spawn cases it can take up to 2 days to find a bed and be able to loot.... current start at 0/2000 calorie players take stat dmg 1 or 2 times before being able to get food.
  2. Killekronn

    Ideas for player killing consequences

    I have thought of some ideas on how the mechanics of the player killing system might work. Since I've heard about the way players can have consequences for their actions when it comes to killing other players. But how would you differ who is being a bandit, and who is just protecting themselves...
  3. DZS

    Steam Achievement idea

    Furious Table Rage Smash 500 Tables
  4. DZS

    Drawing in game

    Dunno if its been talked about already i did search and couldn't find much. The idea for drawing in game has been discussed on Discord, it would be useful for marking trees as way point's leaving notes for other players and clan members drawing maps and creating rudimentary strategy's with any...
  5. Twitch.TV/OfficialSplatZ

    Bloody Screen

    Just watched trailer and the graphics looked amazing up until the point where you get attacked by a zombie and the redness comes up on your screen. Your FOV is ruined... your screen gets darker... and it just isn't aesthetically pleasing. Overall the job on it looks sloppy and unneeded.
  6. Twitch.TV/OfficialSplatZ

    Crafting Times

    Just watched the DevBlog and saw that it was a one minute crafting time on the tripod to boil your water over the fire. Just wondering if that is a little much and am worried about crafting times for other items that would be used frequently.
  7. Darkstar 影

    Roleplay or Gameplay? (User Created Content)

    So I plan to upload STN YouTube videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotp9Vm6UOa1cshM48DrBcw And I was curious what people would be more interested in, a Roleplay(I speak as if I were the character, more focused on a storyline and cinematics than pure gameplay) or gameplay(I'll play like...
  8. iiBqntZ


    a big threat when swimming is brain eating amoeba which is so deadly only 3 people have survived it they live in bodies of warm freshwater but not everywhere maybe be able to feel water temperature before going in to see if its warm or cold...
  9. David B

    Zombies eat corpses?

    I believe that after somebody dies due to a bullet, or a group of zombies. Zombies in the area (Obviously a larger area if they were killed by a gun shot because more will be attracted) should try to eat the corpse of the person. And after the zombies are finished eating the clothing that the...
  10. iiBqntZ

    ragdoll physics and other things

    I was thinking about the ragdoll physics and what could be added later on for realism what if a persons ragdoll physics upon death are effected by circumstances say he was running straight at you then you shoot him in the upper chest with a shotgun and his body would act like it would in real...
  11. iiBqntZ

    water current affects swimming and fishing

    low current - swimming with no problems fishing with no problems medium current - swimming now takes you off course of where you are heading fishing is harder high current - swimming is very difficult taking you incredibly off course of where you...
  12. 0x00f1n173

    [MEGA THREAD] Weather, Storms and effects on players.

    I could not find this by searching the backer forums so here goes my suggestion! As I am sure many of you wish, and it probably will be a thing, regulating your body temperature should certainly be an aspect of the game play. It adds an enemy that you cannot fight but have to live with, a...
  13. iiBqntZ

    zombies distracted by animals

    what if zombies could become distracted by animals and try to eat them. because humans cant be the ONLY thing they eat. it would make a realistic feature and maybe even use them as a distraction maybe throw a rat. PLUS its happened on twd
  14. Kevroa

    Mods question

    I understand that there is a modding utility in the works... but how are these mods going to be installed? I would assume the best way would be through the steam workshop.. but I dont know, thats why im asking. Also how extensive is the modding utility going to be? How in depth and game changing...
  15. Scrumptious

    Drag bodies

    Heres a suggestion , drag bodies! So if someone passes out in your yard you could drag them out of danger or if your squad is getting fired up and some 1 goes down you could get him out of the crossfire.
  16. Kevsta545

    Helicopter Crashes

    Hello! One of my favorite parts of the DayZ Modification, was the helicopter crash scenarios. They added a certain dynamic and sense of fear/excitement at the possibility of high-end loot and bandits nearby. I think Survive The Nights could greatly benefit from having randomly generated...
  17. N

    No servers?

    Hey guys, so I'm new here, please dont rip too hard if I've missed something important along the way. I've downloaded the launcher and registered, but when I click play there is no servers? I'm not sure if that's meant to be happening or not, and I had a quick geez through the forum posts but...