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  1. Handicap Jack

    Uk Facebook Group

    I made a UK Facebook group for STN some time ago, has not had many people join so far but expect to see numbers to flood very soon upon backer release. If you would like to join, share pics, build a UK based community then heres the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/749430698454674/
  2. Aspect17

    Survive The Nights Community

    Hey guys, I will keep you up to date in german and english in this group! Let us hold together and be a good and nice community. Not like the COD Community. Help me and help us to grow! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stncommunity Thank you really much for joining!
  3. acenewton1

    Recruiting Team For Testing and Playing

    Hi there! Hey there friends and foes! We are gathering around quite a few people to help test this game for the developers. Sadly, you may have to be a Mod to access the Dev Branch, but our group will test regardless of accessing the Dev Branch. We plan on mostly testing rather than playing, but...
  4. Hummer3711

    Big STN steam group + community SERVER

    Hey, please join us STN steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Survive_The_Nights - we like to start with a Server - we are a Survival Server Group with Community since december 2013 - at moment we are the 3rd biggest steam group (join us to get bigger) - we work together with the german...
  5. 55MDAWG55

    Survival Group

    So this little thread here will be like a little community. We would all join one server and start a community work together and build our way to the top. so if you wanna join just add me on steam (55MDAWG55) and ill invite you to a group :)