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  1. Soulzz

    DeadTrigger Trap

    you would make one of your guns explode when someone uses it this should only work for pistels also the gun would be completely destroyed when used this would damage the player's hands so he would be unable to use firearms or melee weapons for a short while also has a small chance of killing the...
  2. iiBqntZ

    ragdoll physics and other things

    I was thinking about the ragdoll physics and what could be added later on for realism what if a persons ragdoll physics upon death are effected by circumstances say he was running straight at you then you shoot him in the upper chest with a shotgun and his body would act like it would in real...
  3. iiBqntZ

    certain factors affect reload speed

    this was an idea that came to me what if amount of zombies the zombies awareness of you speed of zombies running at you how close they are affected how fast you reload 1-4 unaware of you far: fast reload 1-4 slow aware of you close: medium reload 1-4 fast close aware of you: fast reload 4-8...