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  1. Savage1der

    Starting Calories...

    May i suggest that player spawns on day 1 w/ full calorie intake....in many spawn cases it can take up to 2 days to find a bed and be able to loot.... current start at 0/2000 calorie players take stat dmg 1 or 2 times before being able to get food.
  2. Drake Salvador

    Realistic Wounds To Human Players (And healing) & Adrenaline

    I was thinking (as I posted my introduction) about realistic wounds. I read about 4 or so pages back to make sure I wasn't reposting, but I was thinking about wounds to players. I've seen some games that do have some sort of realistic damage to players, such as being shot in the leg, you'd...
  3. Drake Salvador

    Suggestions and Hype

    This game looks beautiful, even in alpha! The game looks WELL worth the amount you're asking for. Although I am skeptical about the game being alive and well further from today, as in still being developed, but I have not seen a2z Interactive before (Or I may have, but don't quite remember), and...
  4. Darkstar 影

    Health Status UI

    So I do a bit of graphic design and came up with a very simple example of what this could look like. I made it completely on my own, so it's not taken from another place or anything. Anyways I think it'd be cool to have a few more layers to medical treatment. Maybe you can choose to bandage your...