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help me

  1. N

    Items spawns

    I have a doubt. I bought this game today and when i go to a server empty, i cant find any items on houses and i dont know what is the first things to do. I would like some help.
  2. M

    Backed the game way back in 2014, still no badge

    Hello, my name is Mattias, i backed this game way back in 2014-10-01, but i still havent gotten a backers badge, i even forgot i backed this game, so i would like to know if there is like an alpha/beta ongoing right now that i could get into? i have the receipt on one of my emails, its mostly...
  3. KidPoutine

    hey i need to recreate my account because i typed it wrong and i dont know my password or user name

    HELP ME PLZ i dont want to waste this money i love this game so much so many aw some vids plz