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  1. Mewtine

    Out Yet?

    Me again even thought it's been awhile. will I get an email when the kickstarter's codes are available I forgot to ask that (also sorry if this is the wrong topic area, I still don't use Forums at all pretty much.)
  2. M


    where to find water... that is the question :) and also no calories are gained from eating anything... i shall die
  3. bluestealth

    Worried about E-mails

    Hi, So I've made an account on the forms with my e-mail. But the problem is I'm not sure if I used that e-mail to pre-order. I think I used two different e-mails to make an account on the forms and pre-order is what i'm saying. Is there a way for me to check what e-mail I pre-ordered with...
  4. SoapySquirrel

    How to receive an email about coming stress tests?

    It's in the title. How would I receive emails about the stress tests and future game progress. I love where this game is headed and I would love to be more of a part of it.