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  1. S

    Camping and Outdoor survival: Placeable Tents, Sleeping mats, and water collection barrels

    I have not seen any mention for how outdoor survival would work, so i thought i would share my thoughts and ideas to possible sway materials that are developed. Mechanical aspects: Temperature, clothing, and weather system Seasonal weather changes- The inclusion of the four seasons to give a...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Pigeon Dovecot (Food Source)

    I have put this in the building suggestion as think it probably falls under this category due to a dovecot being, well, a structure... What is a dovecot? back in the old days, in England at least, dovecots where medium to large structures that encouraged pigeons and doves to nest in large...
  3. Dr. Sloth


    I was recently playing a game called theHunter Call of the Wild and started thinking about STN as is usual #HYPE. Anyhow, I was thinking about STN while hunting in this game and it occurred to me how awesome it would be to have a similar hunting system in STN. Evidentally, this was kind of a...
  4. Jeremiah Fritz

    Hunting Cameras/Security Cameras

    Set them in the woods around your base and see who has been visiting your home while you were out. Good idea?
  5. Extracactus

    Hunting/Fishing Huts & Blinds

    I myself have gone to a hut out in the woods and fished there for most of my life and really love the feeling of it. I think around the map these huts should be out near lakes and rivers. I think that adding these would give a good starting place for someone wanting to live out in the woods...