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  1. DZS

    Skateboard + zombie smashing weapon

    A fun means of transport featuring flip tricks and steam achievements for various tricks. The skateboard could double as a weapon. No one will prob like this idea anyway, its pretty dumb. Post stupid pictures.
  2. Worst Person

    Making sure the game is fun.

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential and the objective of the game is simple, "survive the nights". I am worried with one thing though.. I am worried that the nights will be impossible to survive for beginners and the reason i bring this subject up is because the game 7 Days to Die...
  3. CaptainDeadpool

    Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes & Mopeds/Scooters

    I believe it was a one off custom built chopper but it used the 1970's Triumph T120 Bonneville engine. May not be the quietest thing, but you would sure have a lot of fun with one!
  4. T

    Game Idea's Some Balance :)

    The game as always looks great,but reasons unknown the developers of these survival games solely rely on pvp as end game which always inevitably gets boring. None of them want to throw npc's or any sort of objectives in their games outside of us killing each other. My suggestion is to include a...