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  1. iiBqntZ

    ragdoll physics and other things

    I was thinking about the ragdoll physics and what could be added later on for realism what if a persons ragdoll physics upon death are effected by circumstances say he was running straight at you then you shoot him in the upper chest with a shotgun and his body would act like it would in real...
  2. iiBqntZ

    a few farming ideas

    if the dirt has been dry for a long time you cant plant on it until it has absorbed the water the ability to use manure have to deal with animals trying to take your harvest crops can be stomped crops move with the wind
  3. UndeadSwat

    Identifying Players

    So i saw the post explaining how the icons of players would be shown and how it would adapt with brightness over the day, while i think the concept is good i was thinking that the feature could be removed, at least on a hardcore server. What i mean is that the icon doesn't show at all when...
  4. S

    Storage of Materials

    Hey, Just had an idea about storing materials such as firewood, lumber, bricks, etc. Because these items are large items, i think it would be cool if you couldn't store them in a chest of such, but you had to store them on the ground but as there own storage area. Like you could select an area...
  5. S

    Inventory System

    Hello. I have been following the Survival theme in video games for a few years now and never have i ever scene this idea. My idea is when you open your inventory,(taken you have a backpack) you take your bag off your back and unzip it and look into it to see your gear. Most games have a...
  6. Beastby

    Subtle Zombie Realism Idea

    Hey everyone. I've been a backer for 2 years now and silently watched development from afar but I thought of an idea that'd be a really nice touch to the immersion/realism/authenticity of STN. I've done a quick search but not found a post similar to this so apologies if this has come up before...