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  1. S

    Hi, my name is

    Shadow! I go unnoticed, yet am everywhere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I see very sharply, you could say my vision is a plus, and I like X in my coffee, but I cannot assemble. I struggle with challenges, vast and complex...
  2. xXRandyXx

    Hi, I have been lurking since 2015..

    Hello everyone! I per-ordered back in 2015 and have been lurking on this site since. I finally decided to register in June 2016 then later got my backer badge. I look forward to playing this game and have high hopes for it. I've been highly disappointed in other survival games. A few came close...
  3. Vongrimm

    Greeting from the UK

    Hey there, I came to this party pretty late compared to most of you but i have been hanging round the foruns since the beginning of December and thought i should do a introduction! I am really excited by the development of this game and by the community that supports it! Lets hope that the...
  4. Omnipotence

    About to buy game;

    Hello! My friends and I have been looking at this game for over a year and a half now, maybe even two years and we are just about to buy it and support the development. We were wondering, is there a stress test or one in the near future you know about? We would love to be able to test it out...
  5. kpmh2001


    So about a year ago i saw Frankie video on this game and decided to check it out, however at the time i was strapped for cash and sort of forgot the game for a while. recently i watched the video again and decided to keep a closer eye on this game, as it seems to have earth shattering levels of...