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  1. V

    Backpacking Stove

    I recently went on a two-week backpacking excursion so I guess backpacking is still in my mind. I think it would be cool to be able to cook food and what not on a backpacking stove. I think if you were to make this realistic like require the player to have a white gas fuel canister and matches...
  2. C


    Okay this STN is based off mostly realism when it comes to surviving. So I had a boring, but yet interesting idea. I'm basing my idea off of realism. So gum in-game can be used as a buff until the flavor runs out. My idea for the buff would be longer steady aim or even accuracy in general. Gum...
  3. tincide

    Custom door mats

    Décor item: Custom door mats for your beloved structure! Enter any text onto your rug/mat. Gives your building that sought after 'homely feel' that has been lost since the outbreak! Comment what message you would have for other survivors passing through your neck of the woods! Here's mine...