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  1. DZS

    Personal battering ram

    The idea is based on the Captive Bolt Gun which has a fairly long thread under weapons. A personal pocket sized device that can create a huge amount of kinetic force on the striking head. There is a bit of physics involved, its not something i think i can detail with any reliable accuracy. I...
  2. tincide

    Custom door mats

    Décor item: Custom door mats for your beloved structure! Enter any text onto your rug/mat. Gives your building that sought after 'homely feel' that has been lost since the outbreak! Comment what message you would have for other survivors passing through your neck of the woods! Here's mine...
  3. Toastmaster


    This would mainly be an aesthetic suggestion, but since the whole game is first person why not slap a watch on your wrist or mind the something you can find. It could be helpful if we have longer day-night cycles. Especially if you're stuck inside a shelter with all windows boarded up and you'd...
  4. Vidaar

    Steam Inventory

    So who this they are going to add skins and Clothes for this game and how soon you do think they will have steam cards and achievements in the launch. just Pondering XD
  5. TheLostPotater

    Items and how they work

    How would item handling work in the game? Would you be able to drop things from your inventory on the ground and put them on shelves or tables? Will the item manipulation be like Elder Scrolls/ Fallout style?