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  1. Drake Salvador

    Realistic Wounds To Human Players (And healing) & Adrenaline

    I was thinking (as I posted my introduction) about realistic wounds. I read about 4 or so pages back to make sure I wasn't reposting, but I was thinking about wounds to players. I've seen some games that do have some sort of realistic damage to players, such as being shot in the leg, you'd...
  2. UndeadSwat

    Psychopaths/Sociopaths & Heroes

    So this may be a bit of a controversial as it may "bend" or even break the game but i feel should be talked about since there is a mental health system set in place and these two types of individuals do go under mental health. KOSing is a problem for most survival games and is something that...
  3. monokoi

    Poll: Kill On Sight (KoS)

    What's your stance on KoS?
  4. Enkious

    KOS Mental stability

    A Friend and I were talking about this subject.. We had a Suggestion we thought might be good to implement in the game. Killing on site.. (KOS) Is all over the place. And although it may be fun for some, it is not for others.. So we thought these might be good ideas.. Let us know what you think...