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  1. Savage1der


    i believe it would be a good idea to add an item like antibiotic to the game....higher % chance of removing sickness (if not gtd), but harder to find. As rare as if not a little rarer than Pain Killers. Maybe even a recipe to make/cook antibiotics requiring specific ingredients to be cooked and...
  2. Savage1der

    Starting Calories...

    May i suggest that player spawns on day 1 w/ full calorie intake....in many spawn cases it can take up to 2 days to find a bed and be able to loot.... current start at 0/2000 calorie players take stat dmg 1 or 2 times before being able to get food.
  3. Mannot74

    Real weapons only pickable / handmade weapons for the craft

    Sorry for my bad english and sorry if the idea has already been proposed.. 1) Real weapons only pickable 2) handmade weapons for the craft
  4. DZS

    Random NPC visitors arrive at island

    The occasional NPC controlled boat docks at a wharf or beach's. Could be pirates for example armed with guns and strong melee weapons. Presents a big loot opportunity for the skilled and well equiped player with significant risk. Alternatively could have NPC's that offer aid to players and...
  5. Dr. Reaper

    Procedural Generation

    Okay, lets start this "loud conversation." I had been thinking about this idea ever since the game "The Dead Linger" came out. TDL was a breakthrough in my mind, and brought a new perspective to games into my brain. The developers (Sandswept Studios) brought the idea of procedural generation the...
  6. MinDaBeast

    Taking bullets in magazine manually and flare guns

    Hello everyone:) I have been VERY HYPED of this game since i heard about it for some months ago and i have an suggestion that in my eyes would make the game better. Suggestion: When you find ammo boxes around the map you will need to take out the bullets of the box and then fill the magazine...