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  1. A

    Billboards with map

    for example: or on the wall of a bus stop (screenshot with house only for example)
  2. Owen153

    Town Signage

    I've seen that at road intersections there are signs pointing to towns and places, but when you reach a town or settlement/area I've not seen any signage to announce the town you have arrived at. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm yet to see any signs outside of the intersection pointers. A...
  3. Sckiz1


    A custom made map of land marks found that require a compass to create. A sonar beacon that pings your base location on a portable sat navigator. Components required from scavenging i.e plastic, cables-wire, batteries circuit board.
  4. Dr. Reaper

    Procedural Generation

    Okay, lets start this "loud conversation." I had been thinking about this idea ever since the game "The Dead Linger" came out. TDL was a breakthrough in my mind, and brought a new perspective to games into my brain. The developers (Sandswept Studios) brought the idea of procedural generation the...
  5. Darkstar 影

    Player-Created-Lore Map

    https://www.survivethenights.net/map I want to try out a Lore Map, for those interested/keeping up with the lore, you can get a better idea of where the characters are in relation to the map. I will update this as movements are made. IF you are a creator of lore that is continued(Your character...
  6. Grooze

    Density map

    Hi There, I made a density map of all the road and city's. As you can see the bright purple are the city's. The road are less bright. So these blue parts of the map will probably be big nature area's where you can hunt.