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mental health

  1. Drake Salvador

    Suggestions and Hype

    This game looks beautiful, even in alpha! The game looks WELL worth the amount you're asking for. Although I am skeptical about the game being alive and well further from today, as in still being developed, but I have not seen a2z Interactive before (Or I may have, but don't quite remember), and...
  2. UndeadSwat

    Psychopaths/Sociopaths & Heroes

    So this may be a bit of a controversial as it may "bend" or even break the game but i feel should be talked about since there is a mental health system set in place and these two types of individuals do go under mental health. KOSing is a problem for most survival games and is something that...
  3. Maj Orange Juice

    [MEGA THREAD] Player Grouping/Friends Lists/In-Game Clan Menu

    Another cool idea would be a in game friends list were u can see were your friends are playing like what server and maybe what town there in. Idk i think this would be cool kinda like DayZ but its in game and u don't have to deal with steam or other programs. :p