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  1. StrangeW

    The changelog update does not update while waiting for better day

    The changelog update is scheduled for when?/La mise à jour du ChangeLog est prévu pour quand? I'm sorry to be unpleasant. But since February 16, no update in sight. 2 months without update visibe, my boss does not like it. / Je suis désolé d'être désagréable. Mais depuis le 16 février, aucune...
  2. S

    Inventory System

    Hello. I have been following the Survival theme in video games for a few years now and never have i ever scene this idea. My idea is when you open your inventory,(taken you have a backpack) you take your bag off your back and unzip it and look into it to see your gear. Most games have a...
  3. survivethis.news

    German Survival Newssite

    Hello Everyone, survivethis.news is a german Survival Newssite and of course we Support STN! The actual STN Article is out now: http://www.survivethis.news/survive-the-nights-stresstest-2-startet-bald/ Hope we can bring some more german Fans here :) And i can say, the german fans are very...