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  1. Savage1der

    Starting Calories...

    May i suggest that player spawns on day 1 w/ full calorie intake....in many spawn cases it can take up to 2 days to find a bed and be able to loot.... current start at 0/2000 calorie players take stat dmg 1 or 2 times before being able to get food.
  2. Matias Carrera

    Hi! New player here

    Hi! I'm an actually player of UNKNOWNPLAYER BATTLEGROUNDS (Open World FPS) and I think I'd love this game. Hope to hear soon from it!!
  3. UndeadSwat

    Identifying Players

    So i saw the post explaining how the icons of players would be shown and how it would adapt with brightness over the day, while i think the concept is good i was thinking that the feature could be removed, at least on a hardcore server. What i mean is that the icon doesn't show at all when...
  4. A

    Server questions.

    I was just wondering will we have servers we can host our self? I would like to at least have a SDK for hosting my own server as I would like to test stuff out and what not and do videos on latest updates when possible. I was also wondering if we have admin tools, so that as I said I can spawn...
  5. Kevsta545

    Helicopter Crashes

    Hello! One of my favorite parts of the DayZ Modification, was the helicopter crash scenarios. They added a certain dynamic and sense of fear/excitement at the possibility of high-end loot and bandits nearby. I think Survive The Nights could greatly benefit from having randomly generated...