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  1. Qwertyip

    [SERVER] KnifeWrench *new* - Whitelisted PvE No-KOS Roleplay

    KnifeWrench Community Gaming is founding right now, and needs faithful gamers like yourselves to help grow. With Survive The Nights just on the verge of being released, I am looking to get a community of like-minded gamers together for some fun online sessions. About Me When I say it is a new...
  2. Maj Orange Juice

    [MEGA THREAD] Player Grouping/Friends Lists/In-Game Clan Menu

    Another cool idea would be a in game friends list were u can see were your friends are playing like what server and maybe what town there in. Idk i think this would be cool kinda like DayZ but its in game and u don't have to deal with steam or other programs. :p
  3. D

    Singlepayer option

    i dont always like to be around other ppl.
  4. Kevsta545

    Helicopter Crashes

    Hello! One of my favorite parts of the DayZ Modification, was the helicopter crash scenarios. They added a certain dynamic and sense of fear/excitement at the possibility of high-end loot and bandits nearby. I think Survive The Nights could greatly benefit from having randomly generated...