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  1. Killekronn

    Ideas for player killing consequences

    I have thought of some ideas on how the mechanics of the player killing system might work. Since I've heard about the way players can have consequences for their actions when it comes to killing other players. But how would you differ who is being a bandit, and who is just protecting themselves...
  2. Soulzz

    DeadTrigger Trap

    you would make one of your guns explode when someone uses it this should only work for pistels also the gun would be completely destroyed when used this would damage the player's hands so he would be unable to use firearms or melee weapons for a short while also has a small chance of killing the...
  3. Twitch.TV/OfficialSplatZ


    Overall just not a fan of the cross-hair in survival games and I think it is just a big eye sore while walking around in a beautiful game. Maybe only have it come up when over something that you can interact with (like rust). Also makes aiming down the sights useless and removes the skill/rng...
  4. monokoi

    Poll: Kill On Sight (KoS)

    What's your stance on KoS?
  5. We gotz purple stuff :T

    Conan exiles clan recruitment

    Sup guys, Conan exiles is soon to be out and im making a clan to fight off baddies,make peace, and dominate. Im looking for people gonna play the game and is looking for a clan. Anyone is welcome! Just follow orders and everything will be fiiiine. So if you want to join and take on the world of...
  6. Maj Orange Juice

    [MEGA THREAD] Player Grouping/Friends Lists/In-Game Clan Menu

    Another cool idea would be a in game friends list were u can see were your friends are playing like what server and maybe what town there in. Idk i think this would be cool kinda like DayZ but its in game and u don't have to deal with steam or other programs. :p
  7. Kevsta545

    Helicopter Crashes

    Hello! One of my favorite parts of the DayZ Modification, was the helicopter crash scenarios. They added a certain dynamic and sense of fear/excitement at the possibility of high-end loot and bandits nearby. I think Survive The Nights could greatly benefit from having randomly generated...