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  1. Daddy Cool

    About the trailer...

    So, at one point we see the guy shooting a deer and in the next scene the deer is in the back of his pickup. My question is: Can you actually put the dead animals in the back of your car? Or was that just a preset thing to make it look better? :P. Or... can you move the dead animals at all?
  2. Worst Person

    Making sure the game is fun.

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential and the objective of the game is simple, "survive the nights". I am worried with one thing though.. I am worried that the nights will be impossible to survive for beginners and the reason i bring this subject up is because the game 7 Days to Die...
  3. Hauger

    Ask me questions about the game - Hauger's encyclopedia

    For those who dislike discord, I will be answering questions here too. Please search before posting a question, as it's likely been asked before. Thread will be heavy moderated. Fingers will be cut. No messing about. I might not answer each day, I might gather up 4-5 posts, I might answer...
  4. Shishiaha

    [FR] WIKI / Patchnotes / Ressources traduites

    Hello everyone ! Salut à tous. Français, allez voter pour la localisation des serveurs AllGamer ici : https://serverpoll.allgamer.net/ - NAV BAR - - Post 1 : FAQ DISCORD - Post 2 : Server FAQ @Clinton - WIKI FR - Post 3 : Patch notes [In progress] - Post 4 : Dernière mise à jour des Devs...