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  1. Hauger

    Ask me questions about the game - Hauger's encyclopedia

    For those who dislike discord, I will be answering questions here too. Please search before posting a question, as it's likely been asked before. Thread will be heavy moderated. Fingers will be cut. No messing about. I might not answer each day, I might gather up 4-5 posts, I might answer...
  2. N

    Random Questions :)

    hey guys i have a few questions about the game im sure these questions will have been asked before but im new on the hype train lol alright so here is the list haha 1.if you die can you retrieve items from your corpse and will you spawn near where you died or will it be a random spot on the...
  3. BlankTheSurvivor

    Some questions about the game ( before eventually pre-order )

    Hello everyone/ Ciao a tutti! i have some questions about the game before (eventually) pre-order it. Let's begin: I read the game is coop oriented right? Also, I'm a lone wolf palyer ( I like play and survive by myself) How STN Devs have balanced Solo and Coop playing. If I play solo, can I...
  4. |RaptorRP|Grimgage

    Questions I Have About The Game

    Hello There, Iv Had The game for awhile around 2 month not that long But still i think it looks Neat And AMAZING. But i have a few questions for when the game actually Come out, can you guys please answer them With honest answers THANK YOU. My First Question: When will the Game be out Iv Bought...
  5. Omnipotence

    About to buy game;

    Hello! My friends and I have been looking at this game for over a year and a half now, maybe even two years and we are just about to buy it and support the development. We were wondering, is there a stress test or one in the near future you know about? We would love to be able to test it out...
  6. GLasiore

    Questions from Turkish Subs

    Hello everyone and members of STN Team. If u see my profile, I am kind of Turkish side of STN. I am trying to do my best to support this game because gaming community must grow up. As you know STN Team's game born in KickStarter and it needs support, not just money. STN TR is my page on...