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  1. DZS

    Tim Allen Tool Time Simulator 2018

    It doesn't exist but it darn well should https://community.survivethenights.net/threads/this-is-why-i-hate-video-games-stn-edition.9395/#post-89061 Unashamedly pinched from the above link.
  2. DZS

    Steam Achievement idea

    Furious Table Rage Smash 500 Tables
  3. DZS

    Rocket bikin like batman

  4. DZS

    Driving around in a spa whilst bbq'ing your meat as if its the thing to do

    The only thing needed would be a converted exhaust blowing bubbles and some oversized cup and saucer sets. Would love to be a silent observer watching a police man pulling up someone in that.
  5. DZS


    Son, skys shining suns blaring marble flaring its happening jolacky smacking baloney six shootin bently acein sussing flashin nit pickin drip feedin tripflippin 2back zap whoa hey hey jumpin jack flash its like hey the show must go on bro its all dope. Frame by frame explicit style expanding...
  6. DZS

    Sometimes i wonder

    Why? Why are people born with glass lake minds Why is the worlds axis tilted? Why do people exist who have nothing to contribute other than talking? Why is the sky blue not purple? Why are the people who run the world only seeking to ruin it? Why do we walk instead of crawl through life? Why is...
  7. DZS

    Mon night commentry when bored beyound belief

    "Im convinced there's 1000's of people on steam right now right this moment just like me sitting there steering at their screen thinking about fapping to avoid going completely and utterly bored insane" It was too good to not share, as commented to my friend.
  8. DZS

    Pffftt next post, say another

    The pfftttt train is coming pffttt pfftt pfftt pfffftt pfftttt woo woo pfttt pfftt pfftt pfftt pftttt wooooo next stop pffttting station
  9. DZS

    Thread dedicated to frybread

    For there is not a more amazing food in the entire world. I will eat all your frybread beware