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  1. Veekal

    [Community] STN: RP

    Hello there. Welcome to Survive The Nights: RP a whitelisted RP community that focuses on running a tight knit RP community, enabling everyone within the community to create characters and play out their stories, whether that be forming groups with other survivors or going it alone. We do...
  2. Hummer3711

    Big STN steam group + community SERVER

    Hey, please join us STN steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Survive_The_Nights - we like to start with a Server - we are a Survival Server Group with Community since december 2013 - at moment we are the 3rd biggest steam group (join us to get bigger) - we work together with the german...
  3. Qwertyip

    [SERVER] KnifeWrench *new* - Whitelisted PvE No-KOS Roleplay

    KnifeWrench Community Gaming is founding right now, and needs faithful gamers like yourselves to help grow. With Survive The Nights just on the verge of being released, I am looking to get a community of like-minded gamers together for some fun online sessions. About Me When I say it is a new...
  4. Darkstar 影

    Roleplay or Gameplay? (User Created Content)

    So I plan to upload STN YouTube videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotp9Vm6UOa1cshM48DrBcw And I was curious what people would be more interested in, a Roleplay(I speak as if I were the character, more focused on a storyline and cinematics than pure gameplay) or gameplay(I'll play like...