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  1. Veekal

    [Community] STN: RP

    Hello there. Welcome to Survive The Nights: RP a whitelisted RP community that focuses on running a tight knit RP community, enabling everyone within the community to create characters and play out their stories, whether that be forming groups with other survivors or going it alone. We do...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Server Mods Ideas / Custom Assets

    Ok so lets hear them! Time and again in the suggestion thread I read some brilliant ideas that unfortunatly are either to whacky or just against the devs vision of the vanilla base game that they have, that they will not see the light of day. I for one want to see a hardcore RP mod with KOS...
  3. JamesDJones

    Car Spawning / Hording

    I know cars are an issue in other games like H1Z1 and others they seem to only work in a few ways Well known ways of handling car hoarding the pros and cons of each. Cars only stay for as long as the server is up and once rebooted cars a reset to their spawn locations. This way often does...
  4. Hummer3711

    Big STN steam group + community SERVER

    Hey, please join us STN steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Survive_The_Nights - we like to start with a Server - we are a Survival Server Group with Community since december 2013 - at moment we are the 3rd biggest steam group (join us to get bigger) - we work together with the german...
  5. Qwertyip

    [SERVER] KnifeWrench *new* - Whitelisted PvE No-KOS Roleplay

    KnifeWrench Community Gaming is founding right now, and needs faithful gamers like yourselves to help grow. With Survive The Nights just on the verge of being released, I am looking to get a community of like-minded gamers together for some fun online sessions. About Me When I say it is a new...
  6. xXRandyXx

    [Server] Lost Humanity RP - NO KOS Whitelist Server

    HI, My name is Randy and I have run many rp no-KOS servers in the past with unturned and rust etc.. We need those that are tired of logging into a game and being killed within a minute of spawning in and keep being killed by those people who are fully geared and look for respawns and new people...
  7. Shishiaha

    ThelivingOnes, FR/EN 21+

    Site web : https://www.thelivingones.com/ WIKI français : https://stnwiki.thelivingones.com/ Histoire et objectifs TLO (alias The living ones) est une communauté EU sur le jeu Survive the nights. Notre but est de fournir aux joueurs un serveur où tous seront rassemblés sous un même principe...
  8. Handicap Jack

    Locked in game settings server options.

    Hi. Something I would like to see on my own server would be the abillity to lock graphical settings to force certain things like foliage density and shadows to maximum. I understand a lot of people set this to minimum settings for fps issues but for those players that have invested a lot of...
  9. Hellboy

    Survive The Nights Unofficial Discord Server

    https://discord.gg/U2fVxTb Public discord for all fellow survivors! Join or else it's going to be Stabby Time!
  10. A

    Server questions.

    I was just wondering will we have servers we can host our self? I would like to at least have a SDK for hosting my own server as I would like to test stuff out and what not and do videos on latest updates when possible. I was also wondering if we have admin tools, so that as I said I can spawn...