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  1. S

    Camping and Outdoor survival: Placeable Tents, Sleeping mats, and water collection barrels

    I have not seen any mention for how outdoor survival would work, so i thought i would share my thoughts and ideas to possible sway materials that are developed. Mechanical aspects: Temperature, clothing, and weather system Seasonal weather changes- The inclusion of the four seasons to give a...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Passing on skills / teaching

    As we are not 100% sure on how the skills system will work this post may be a non starter but am willing to speculate and comment my thoughts for any one to join in with to beat this idea about... If theres a cap to the skills we can learn in that we can either be a jack of all trades master of...
  3. Handicap Jack

    Whittling / small wood carving.

    Suggested on another thread with @Dr. J but made a dedicated one here to expand upon it. Whittling is tge art of using a knife or sharp tool to scrape and chip away wood untill you are left with something usefull or decorative. Practical uses for whittling could be to make simple small parts...
  4. C

    A Job Skill Mechanic

    I have a question/ suggestion. I am a big fan of RPGs. Will there be a leveling system or a skills system or, just a shot in the dark, a job system implemented? For example, when you are creating your character you choose a job, design your character and the job will determine how your base...
  5. DrThundar

    Player stats

    Hey guys first time poster so be kind. Not sure if it's been mentioned but if there are plans for player skills and stats like shooting accuracy or trap building or general build time but an idea how bout to learn something that the average human wouldn't know you read books (if the dev team...