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  1. GriNAME

    Several types of zombie and stealth mode

    Hi everybody! I suggest to make several type of zombie. 1 type is stupid and slow zombie. Smth like in The Walking Dead. One by one, they do not pose a great danger, they are easy to hide and easily deceived. For example, throw some object away from yourself, so that the noise is distracted by...
  2. Aspect17

    Survive The Nights Community

    Hey guys, I will keep you up to date in german and english in this group! Let us hold together and be a good and nice community. Not like the COD Community. Help me and help us to grow! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stncommunity Thank you really much for joining!
  3. KoolKilla123

    Bayonets, Crafted Ammo, Crafted Sights - Suppressors, muzzles. Etc..

    Basically, what I was thinking was a way to forge (Furnace, camp-fire, gun store, using hammers, anything to help.) Was weapons not only with just a boring "Flash light" And a shooting shotgun which attracts zombies, a bayonet, a nice knife with duct tape on the front. (Around 3 duct tapes to...