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  1. N

    Vehicle Suggestion

    A 4WD Rally like car would be good as it would be fast on and off road buy it should be rare to find. the vehicle should be like a mitsubishi lancer evo 7 mixed with a subaru impreza 2004 as they are both really good rally cars and if it was mixed with a custom name it would not be classed as...
  2. tincide

    Support games you love

    This applies to all games, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents on STN, the game and the dev. team :) (don't worry I'll keep it short!) So I've been following this game for a few years as I'm sure a lot of you out there also have, I even bought this game twice by acci- to support the devs! :D This...
  3. h4wkst3r

    Where is the download?

    Hey, I backed survive the nights on steam 2 years ago and since then i haven't been sent any emails as to where I could download the pre-alpha game or any build. Could someone help me out here? Thanks.
  4. codekilleur


    Hello, I dot not arrive on registration in the launcher STN: "You probaly need to make sure the email you used is the one associated with your purchase"... The problem is that I use the same email address with that I bought the game but it does not work. Please Help me because i am so excited...
  5. D

    Female and male

    I always prefer female characters, so love to see that happening!
  6. survivethis.news

    German Survival Newssite

    Hello Everyone, survivethis.news is a german Survival Newssite and of course we Support STN! The actual STN Article is out now: http://www.survivethis.news/survive-the-nights-stresstest-2-startet-bald/ Hope we can bring some more german Fans here :) And i can say, the german fans are very...