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  1. DZS

    What the actual fuck

    Folks, dont put your head in a washing machine.
  2. DZS

    Cat can haz spaz

  3. DZS

    Pimp Sword

    Im in an utterly pointless drained mood right now so here goes Somewhere on the island a pimp cane is found, low and behold a secret button unlocks the legendary pimp sword. Variations include pimp shotgun/cane shotgun/hobo shotgun. There's really no point to this unless there was by some...
  4. DZS

    Skateboard + zombie smashing weapon

    A fun means of transport featuring flip tricks and steam achievements for various tricks. The skateboard could double as a weapon. No one will prob like this idea anyway, its pretty dumb. Post stupid pictures.
  5. DZS

    Can someone please explain what the purpose of life is

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/homed/other-spaces/96307410/a-californian-man-has-built-a-caninesized-bedroom-for-his-dog Everytime someone builds a dog its own room, a lemming dies. Pity the lemming.
  6. DZS

    Pffftt next post, say another

    The pfftttt train is coming pffttt pfftt pfftt pfffftt pfftttt woo woo pfttt pfftt pfftt pfftt pftttt wooooo next stop pffttting station
  7. DZS

    Thread dedicated to frybread

    For there is not a more amazing food in the entire world. I will eat all your frybread beware