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  1. Sparki

    Plaque & Padlock

    Plaques and locks with a server-owner/admin/normal version that claims a building as property. Normal: Anyone can break the locks, but only the claim owner may lock things or add locks to the area. To claim another player's property: Maybe it should take 7 or 8 days to remove the plaque with...
  2. Soulzz

    Vehicle suggestions

    Off road: UAZ-452 1996 Jeep Cherokee Pickup Trucks 1966 Ford F250 1989 toyota lightace pickup truck Sports car 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT 1969 ford mustang Bikes Yamaha Grizzly 400 4wd Automatic quad bike A dirt bike fun vehicles
  3. Twitch.TV/OfficialSplatZ

    Crafting Times

    Just watched the DevBlog and saw that it was a one minute crafting time on the tripod to boil your water over the fire. Just wondering if that is a little much and am worried about crafting times for other items that would be used frequently.
  4. Toastmaster


    This would mainly be an aesthetic suggestion, but since the whole game is first person why not slap a watch on your wrist or mind the something you can find. It could be helpful if we have longer day-night cycles. Especially if you're stuck inside a shelter with all windows boarded up and you'd...
  5. CaptainDeadpool

    Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes & Mopeds/Scooters

    I believe it was a one off custom built chopper but it used the 1970's Triumph T120 Bonneville engine. May not be the quietest thing, but you would sure have a lot of fun with one!
  6. xXRandyXx

    Slave collar for prisoners

    Slave collars for prisoners where if they go more than 30 meters out of range of set spot their head explodes lol
  7. Æon Flux

    Do we have an official Discord? If not, then should we make one?

    It'd be great if we could all have an official Discord for us all to interact with each other, whether it be through live text-chat to individual rooms for team-chat and fun discussions. I'm aware we have some of that in the forums, but I think Discord could help us organize together easier and...
  8. Yarwest

    Booby traps (doors or storage crates)

    Okay so, not sure how much of this has already been suggested here but I thought I'd spill some ideas. So ofc you have your basic booby trap tripwire, which I am sure has been talked about here. But what about attaching this same wire to a door, which, upon opening, can trigger an explosion...
  9. Maj Orange Juice

    [MEGA THREAD] Player Grouping/Friends Lists/In-Game Clan Menu

    Another cool idea would be a in game friends list were u can see were your friends are playing like what server and maybe what town there in. Idk i think this would be cool kinda like DayZ but its in game and u don't have to deal with steam or other programs. :p
  10. bluestealth

    Winter clothing

    I think that winter clothing could be a good feature. I'm assuming that when the season turns to Winter the temperature will drop, and so it would be nice to get clothes to keep your temperature up. Just a thought though. Thanks :)