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  1. russian

    General Feedback from playtesting

    Hello! bought a while ago and thought i'd check in; my how far you've come! Dev is hard work and i'm excited to see the stable world design :) Apologize in advance if you've already covered most of these -> these are just initial impressions of what i've experienced. I did not play much because...
  2. Worst Person

    Making sure the game is fun.

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential and the objective of the game is simple, "survive the nights". I am worried with one thing though.. I am worried that the nights will be impossible to survive for beginners and the reason i bring this subject up is because the game 7 Days to Die...
  3. tincide

    Custom door mats

    Décor item: Custom door mats for your beloved structure! Enter any text onto your rug/mat. Gives your building that sought after 'homely feel' that has been lost since the outbreak! Comment what message you would have for other survivors passing through your neck of the woods! Here's mine...