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  1. ««DEX»»

    Ways of getting clean water [0.3.3]

    Well, i've been playing a lot recently and noticed that maintaining your character's hydration is the hardest thing so far. It a pain in the neck, because there are so little ways to get clean water: Find a bottle of clean water in the container; Purify a bottle of dirty water with purification...
  2. C

    Twitch stream @ release tonight.

    Hi all, my name is Cdeeks on twitch and I will be streaming this game for about 10 hours. I have followed this game for 2 years and it comes out on my 30th Birthday today so must be a sign haha. Well if you're on the fence about buying this then come check out my stream see how you like the...
  3. Daniel Jacobs

    Using bed sheets as window blockers/curtains

    I would love to see bed sheets being used for something like this! I thought this would be a cool edition to the game. I feel like it would make sense in a zombie outbreak that you would wanna find a way to close off the view of zombies outside and possible humans. I know there will be metal...
  4. Drake Salvador

    Realistic Wounds To Human Players (And healing) & Adrenaline

    I was thinking (as I posted my introduction) about realistic wounds. I read about 4 or so pages back to make sure I wasn't reposting, but I was thinking about wounds to players. I've seen some games that do have some sort of realistic damage to players, such as being shot in the leg, you'd...
  5. Vongrimm

    Levelling via reading

    I've had a search on the forums and couldn't see anything on this. I have seen a feature in other games that allows you to "learn" things by reading books. Something that i have always thought would be key in an apocolypse scenario - no power, no internet - the only way you are learning new...
  6. D


    I am not much of a teamplayer, most of the time, so I would love to have my own world. Without getting annoyed by others