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survive the night

  1. Darkstar 影

    I think I noticed something in the trailer! -Mental State-

    So I've been rewatching the trailer and noticed that when the player kills the man in the building, he then breaks in. After he's inside, he takes the mans gun. THEN it shows the player look at his hands and shows the mental state thing. But that got me thinking. What if since it was in...
  2. Toastmaster

    Craftable Survival/Hunting Shelters

    For hunters or those inclined to a less civilized lifestyle. These 4 craftable shelters should provide suitable hiding places for those in the wilderness. Lean-To Items Needed: 1 tarp or 4 cloth 3 stakes 2 poles or trees Tools Needed: Hammer Knife Example: Tree Tepee Items Needed: Tree 1...
  3. Facerafter

    [Mega Thread] Melee Weapons

    Would be awesome if you could have a chainsaw as weapon (Rare loot) It would require fuel and parts (Just like a car) before it can function.
  4. Darkstar 影

    In-Game Family

    Say you and your friend create your characters at the same time, you can make your characters be Brothers! You both spawn in somewhat near each other, and gain bonuses/benefits when you're around each other. But then when your friend dies, you just lost your brother, you have an extreme impact...
  5. Darkstar 影

    Interactive Church Bells

    In the Walking Dead's Telltale series a character uses Church Bells in the city to draw walkers to one part of town, and then roams around the rest of town with very few to deal with. This could attract the zombies to go towards them, and players in the immediate area to book it, or suffer the...
  6. Darkstar 影

    Bitten Players

    So I really hope the zombies have a bite mechanic, not just a slap. Assuming that they do, here's a few things that could happen to bitten players: 1. Decrease in Mental State, some people in real life would likely have a mental breakdown after realizing death is on its way. 2. Slowly Reduce...
  7. We gotz purple stuff :T

    Trench Coat

    A different type of raincoat which was originally an item of clothing for Army officers. But now anyone can wear em and look nice in the rain or for in this case the apocalypse.
  8. LUDER

    While waiting for STN lets drop some amazing wallpapers in this thread

    So while waiting why not share some amazing wallpapers? Anything not just STN. Lets go :P