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  1. Handicap Jack

    Passing on skills / teaching

    As we are not 100% sure on how the skills system will work this post may be a non starter but am willing to speculate and comment my thoughts for any one to join in with to beat this idea about... If theres a cap to the skills we can learn in that we can either be a jack of all trades master of...
  2. Handicap Jack

    Whittling / small wood carving.

    Suggested on another thread with @Dr. J but made a dedicated one here to expand upon it. Whittling is tge art of using a knife or sharp tool to scrape and chip away wood untill you are left with something usefull or decorative. Practical uses for whittling could be to make simple small parts...
  3. KoolKilla123

    Quests, Settlements, NPCs, Traders

    It would be nice to see quests in game. You can look around long enough and find a NPC settlement with food, water. Some weapons if lucky. If you do quests which they ask, you can gain trust and they will let you live, use weapons and items. If you break their rules they will KOS you, and if...
  4. Kacproc

    Trader Gang

    So this is about traders and who would like to join my gang what we will do is secure a big chunk of a village and all the items we don't need we trade so ....... We will have only 2 or 3 working cars at any time the rest we will scrap for parts to trade (I assume parts will be important for...