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  1. Daddy Cool

    About the trailer...

    So, at one point we see the guy shooting a deer and in the next scene the deer is in the back of his pickup. My question is: Can you actually put the dead animals in the back of your car? Or was that just a preset thing to make it look better? :P. Or... can you move the dead animals at all?
  2. Darkstar 影

    I think I noticed something in the trailer! -Mental State-

    So I've been rewatching the trailer and noticed that when the player kills the man in the building, he then breaks in. After he's inside, he takes the mans gun. THEN it shows the player look at his hands and shows the mental state thing. But that got me thinking. What if since it was in...
  3. We gotz purple stuff :T

    Food/Ice Cream Trucks

    This vehicle may not be combat worthy to drive however it does have a few components. A grill and oven to cook your food. Also being able to store items in cabinets. Think of it as a trading type of vehicle for a trade caravans. The door flaps can be fortified for cover whenever s**t goes down...
  4. DrThundar

    Semi Box Trailers **Confirmed in-game**

    So I havent played the game I'd be playing the stress test if I had a pc and decent internet but how bout a full box trailer with sides and roof can be locked rigged with traps and even filled with zombies as a trap
  5. Toastmaster

    A Legitimate Trailer

    Hey guys, The dev team seems to be doing really well, and it looks like there's a lot of effort being put into polishing many aspects of the game at the moment. That's fantastic and I have the utmost confidence that the game is shaping up very well. An issue that I've found though is that...