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  1. iiBqntZ

    axe/sledgehammer door trap

    a trap in which when a door is opened a axe or sledgehammer is dropped injures or kills (depending which) the zombie or player
  2. iiBqntZ

    vending machine trap

    lets say you can kick a soda out of a vending machine well what if you could open the machine and rig it to drop grenades or poison the sodas that otta stop them teenagers from cheating the machines for free drinks
  3. Darkstar 影

    Interactive Church Bells

    In the Walking Dead's Telltale series a character uses Church Bells in the city to draw walkers to one part of town, and then roams around the rest of town with very few to deal with. This could attract the zombies to go towards them, and players in the immediate area to book it, or suffer the...
  4. iiBqntZ

    collapsing roof trap

    i saw a documentary of ancient naval technology and it showed "nero's death yacht" it was a ship nero used to try to kill his mother it worked by flipping a lever then the room which his mother was supposed to be in would have its roof collapsed which would kill anyone under it. this could work...
  5. Carl Grimes

    String and Cans (Noise Trap)

    You could craft them out of empty (used) cans and string/paracord. You would have the option of setting them across doorways, between trees, cars and across windows (Assuming you're able to enter buildings through windows). It'd be a simple trap. Not necessarily for humans but, more to alert you...
  6. LlamaLover

    Rigging/Traping A Street

    Sound Trap There is gonna be plenty of broken cars missing wheels,engines,etc...So you fix most up to the point where the alarm works. You probably know whats next if anyone here played left for dead 1-2 if you set off a car alarm your gonna regret it. The way you set it off is there's gonna be...