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  1. DZS

    Bolt turret

    A simple turret design that fires bolts instead of bullets. Take one semi or fully automatic weapon such as a rifle, bore out the guns chamber to be able to fire larger projectiles as well as its loading chamber then modify the guns firing mechanism to use gas. Attach gun to high standing...
  2. DZS

    Pneumatic trap

    Through means of a jackhammer the player is able to create gas powered projectile traps. Once the trap is crafted it should be mountable anywhere inside a base including possible configurations to enhance it. The compressor in the Jackhammer is altered to provide greater pressure, a few...
  3. Soulzz

    DeadTrigger Trap

    you would make one of your guns explode when someone uses it this should only work for pistels also the gun would be completely destroyed when used this would damage the player's hands so he would be unable to use firearms or melee weapons for a short while also has a small chance of killing the...
  4. Sebouzer948

    Traps for Animals

    There's all kind of traps you can setup to catch animals. Wood and stone could be used for a lot of these traps. Hope there will be all kind of animals to hunt too.Also, do you need to sleep sometimes? Overall this game looks like the best survival game ever made....Just cant wait